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Oct 4th, 2015 at 10:16 am
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Celebrating the First Catholic Mass in Mexico. -: - Island of the Holy Cross - - (Read 341 Times)
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With smaller participation than expected, Tuesday recalled in Cozumel the first catholic mass that was carried out in national territory, which according to the official version, was celebrated in the beach today known as “La Casitas”, where is supposed that the expedition of Juan of Grijalva in 1518 celebrated the religious ceremony officiated by the chaplain of the Spaniards.

To recall this important historic event a pavilion and a sound system was installed so that officiated there a mass of commemoration for the event.

Also hundreds of chairs were placed, although in the end only about 1/4th were occupied.

On the matter, the priest responsible for the mass, Father Juan Amézcua of the church of San Miguel, joked with those present saying that in spite of the little promotion that was given to the event, some people had responded, although he added that at least the direction of special events of the City Hall "is an optimist because sent us many chairs".

Besides, although it was announced for the five in the afternoon, the ceremony did not initiate but almost to the 6pm, due to the modest quantity of people that had arrived

According to the official bulletin on the matter, toward 1518 the explorer Spanish Juan of Grijalva arrived at the coast of the island on 3 of May, for which he named it "Island of the Holy Cross" and he proclaimed it as property of Isabel and Carlos king and queen of Spain.

Juan of Grijalva their chaplain ordered Juan Díaz Núñez to offer a mass in the same place where the natives of the island had a temple, what has been located for the authorities in the before mentioned Playa La Casitas.

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